Neonatal Birth Weight - A Mystery?

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    Neonatal Birth Weight - A Mystery?

    How much did he / she weigh? is often the first question proud parents are asked after they have announced the sex of their newly delivered progeny. Having a low birth weight baby can cause emotional, social and financial stress for the family. In one mother's words "It is difficult to portray in writing the stress and fear felt as a parent when your child comes into this world not as expected". The prevalence of LBW babies in India has not decreased to a much extent in the last few decades despite of the continuous efforts of the Government to improve maternal and child health care services. Birth weight, like growth is determined by complex interplay of genetic and environmental factors. The purpose of the study is to gain an insight into the maternal & socio-economic determinants influencing the birth weight and thus suggest measures to reduce their influence on birth weight.
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