Kings Are Human

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    Kings Are Human

    Average people often imagine kings,heroes and great§warriors as superhuman creatures who are always§perfect,who are able to see over their realms,whose§feelings are adapted to the reality and the needs of§their countries.However,they are only human beings§with average problems,average feelings.They can be§talented children,brave soldiers,great artists,but§they can feel love,jealousy,pain,furthermore hunger§and tiredness.§They grow old and they have to die in the end,just as§any other people in the world.§This book describes a great king,David,from the Old§Testament,from a human point of view.It especially§wants to underline that in spite of his great§deeds,his talent,his heroism,he is only a human being§and cannot escape his fate.§The king even agrees that" event happens to us§all...",still he dares to challenge God''s wrath,he§dares not to speak to Him. Finally,he has to realize§that everything was in vain,that his only companion§on his deathbed and after it cannot be anyone else.§This book should be especially useful to students of§American Literature or History of the biblical§times,or anyone else who are interested in an average§man''s life happened to be a king.
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