Osmotic Drug Delivery System for a Poorly Soluble Drug

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    Osmotic Drug Delivery System for a Poorly Soluble Drug

    Compounds with poor aqueous solubility are posing challenges in the development of new dosage form. Drug dissolution rather than permeation through the epithelium of the gastrointestinal tract is responsible for a low oral absorption. One of the pharmaceutical strategies to improve the oral bio availability is the formulation of solid dispersions. In present research work, Verapamil HCl was selected as model drug, because it has an extremely low aqueous solubility and dissolution rate, but it is well permeable through the membranes of the gastro-intestinal tract. Hence solid dispersion of Verapamil HCl using a very novel carrier Inulin was formulated and concluded that formulation scientists require lesser efforts regarding solubility issues to develop a dosage form of Verapamil HCl. Also good compressibility and flow property of studied solid dispersion make it easy to be formulated into better extended release dosage form like Controlled Porosity Osmotic Pump tablets which provides sustained zero-order release pattern for once a day oral administration that is effective immediately upon administration as well as throughout the period of time of 20-24 hour after administration.
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