Golden Book of Biotechnology

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    Golden Book of Biotechnology

    This manuscript caters to the need of under graduate and Postgraduate students of Biotechnology, Agriculture Technology, Environmental sciences, Medicine and Plant Sciences, and reader from a very diverse background with special reference to those in developing countries where current literature in emerging facets of Biotechnology and allied disciplines is quite often either not available or not accessible. The book covers virtually all aspects of Biotechnology and Plant sciences with a minor portion of other subjects mentioned above, both in traditional and modern way. Most Aspects of Plant Biotechnology, Industrial Biotechnology and Environmental Biotechnology have been dealt with adequately. Recent developments in the field have also been included in the book. Some chapters on developing and on regulatory issues have been added to the book to reflect the emerging interest and concern of the general public. Mr. Shah Faisal Mohammad (Phil Biotechnology 2009) has taught courses in Industrial Biotechnology, Health Biotechnology and Forensic Sciences to students at several universities in Pakistan, Hong Kong and China.The author has a vast experience in field of forensic Sciences.
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