China and Turkey Cooperation from Geopolitics and Geo-Economic Aspects

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    China and Turkey Cooperation from Geopolitics and Geo-Economic Aspects

    The People s Republic of China and the Republic of Turkey have undergone many stages of cooperation in their bilateral relations. With the openness of China s market and the emergence of new potential global and regional economic powers, conditions of new strategic positions in the new century were created. PRC as one of the most influential economy in the 21st century it has implemented insofar its influence in different parts of the world. Recently, China s focus has also been directed towards Turkey,which has been characterized as one of China s strategic partners. As an emerging economic power, Turkey,has held a great geopolitical influence, mostly due to its important location, known as the heartland of Eurasia. Therefore, the similar economic interests, have pushed to give priority to economic cooperation and put behind historical disagreements. Consequently, Turkey s and China s relationship has captured the world s attention especially from a geo-economic and geopolitical aspect. This book, therefore,provides complete analysis of PRC and Turkey geopolitical and geo-economic interests and how those interests pushed them to cooperate more closely.
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