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    Roger Stott

    Roger Stott, CBE (7 August 1943 9 August 1999) was a British Labour Party politician.Stott was born in Rochdale, the first child of Richard and Edith Stott. He went to school in Rochdale and when he was 15 he joined the merchant navy. He then worked as an engineer for the Post Office and became local councillor for the Labour Party in Rochdale, he was the Chair of the Housing Committee. He married Irene Mills on 17 June 1969 from which he had two sons Andrew (1970) and Matthew (1972). The marriage ended in 1982 and he married again for a second time to a teacher Gillian Pye on 30 March 1985 and later had two children Daniel (1990) and Ciara (1992). When Roger wasn't working he loved to play sport, he was a great Rugby League fan and went to watch it whenever he had the chance. He was also a great fan of cricket.
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