Spherical Crystals of Poorly Flowable Drugs

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    Spherical Crystals of Poorly Flowable Drugs

    The basic requirements for commercial formulation of solid unit dosage form particularly of tablet and capsule are good flowability, mechanical strength and compressibility and all of these requirements are fulfilled when the drug candidates are in granular or spherical form. Since all drugs does not posses the granular nature so by the help of granulation techniques fine powder can be converted into granules which may lead to some problems like more time consuming and chances of drug excipients interaction. The spherical crystallization technique is revolution in particle engineering field which convert fine powders in the granular form and made suitable for direct compression in the formulation of tablet as well as suitable for capsule filling. The book has the concept of how poorly flowable drugs can be converted in to spherical crystals those can be directly compress, which can reduce the cost of dosage form as well as speedup the productivity.
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    LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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