Hydrological Appraisal of Single and Dual Polarisation Weather Radar

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    Hydrological Appraisal of Single and Dual Polarisation Weather Radar

    The application of quantitative weather radar rainfall data in hydrological modelling structures has indicated the prospect of improving the storm lead-time and accuracy of estimated rainfall inputs used in real-time flood forecasting systems. In order to investigate the effect of temporal and spatial resolution of precipitation data provided by a new C-band dual polarisation radar (the Thurnham Radar) in the UK, on the accuracy of short-term and long-term rainfall-runoff simulation, compared to the rainfall product from traditional Tipping Bucket Raingauges and the current single polarisation radar network (Nimrod), three hydrological models with different mathematical structures and hydrological mechanisms were chosen in this study. The performance of the new radar and further research on this approach is addressed and comments provided on the problems associated with characterising the uncertainties of space-time hydrological processes using radar rainfall estimation. This study presents a preliminary analysis of the sensitivity of precipitation data from dual polarisation radar in different hydrological modelling structures.
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