The Impact of Nutrition on Bone from Childhood to early Adulthood

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    The Impact of Nutrition on Bone from Childhood to early Adulthood

    Development of peak bone mass during childhood to §early adulthood is a major determinate of risk of §fracture and osteoporosis later in life. We §evaluated the impact of food and nutrient §intake on bone from childhood to early adulthood §using mixed longitudinal data from the University of §Saskatchewan Pediatric Bone Mineral Accrual Study §(1991-2004), Canada. This book includes four §studies: two studies investigated the effect §of nutrition on bone measures, the two other studies §were designed to evaluate the dietary patterns of §our cohort in relation to time and age. The results §of this study present the bone protective nutrients §and food groups from childhood to early adulthood in §our cohort. The food choices and dietary habits of §the cohort change by age, but not in the favour of §bones, with females more at risk. To prevent risk of §osteoporosis, there should be promotion of a healthy §dietary plan, not a single food group or nutrient, §accompanied with an adequate level of physical §activity.
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