Immanence Value Theory: PMI Model to Influence Employee Engagement

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    Immanence Value Theory: PMI Model to Influence Employee Engagement

    Employee engagement is a complex phenomenon that requires innovative leadership thinking and deployment of solutions at all levels in an organization. Leaders must understand what employee engagement is as well as factors that enable it or detract from it in the workplace. This book provides a theoretical framework supported by grounded theory methodology and evaluation research techniques used to investigate and evaluate business perspective regarding performance management interventions that effectively influence positive employee engagement behavior in organizations. Research revealed the emergent of one central phenomenon, described as the theory of immanence value, which led to the materialization of the Effective PMI model. Analysis and application of the Effective PMI model should help to shed light on why some leaders have more success managing PMI and improving employee engagement commitment in their people than other leaders do. Best practices revealed in this book may be especially useful to HPI practitioners, OD consultants, scholarly researchers, and organizational leaders responsible for executing or evaluating PM and employee engagement strategy in organizations.
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