Enterprise Coherence Governance

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    Enterprise Coherence Governance

    In this book it is shown that in over 80% of enterprises there is a lack of explicit governance of their coherence, with the consequent failures of change, the emergence of sub-optimisations, the divergence of enterprises and so on. Assuming that the overall performance of an enterprise is positively influenced by proper coherence among the key aspects of the enterprise, including business processes, organizational culture, product portfolio, human resources, IT support, et cetera, the lack of explicit coherence governance is deplorable. In this book, control instruments are proposed to make an enterprise's coherence explicit, to govern the coherence, as well as to measure enterprise coherence governance. The developed control instruments provide an integrated approach to solve actual business issues. Too often, solutions of important business issues are approached from a single perspective. In mergers, for example, whose success rates are deplorably low, the 'due diligence research' approximates the merging parties often only from the financial perspective. Also in these type of studies, the control instruments provided in this book may be of significant value.
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