Role Expectation and Role Performance of High School Teachers

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    Role Expectation and Role Performance of High School Teachers

    A teacher's role involves more than simply standing in front of a classroom and lecturing. In fact, even though a teacher spends the majority of the day in the classroom, the actual teaching component is only part of the job. An effective teacher understands that teaching involves wearing multiple hats to ensure that the school day runs smoothly and all students receive a quality education. Teachers play multiple roles. They are the learners constantly classes and attending professional development sessions to learn the latest best practices and strategies for effective teaching. A teacher has the power to build up or tear down a student's self-esteem and make a student's day or ruin it in an instant. Throughout the school day and over the course of the school year, teachers take on other roles. They are chaperones at school functions and coaches of school sports. They are monitors at lunch and recess and serve as fundraisers for field trips and school supplies. Teachers also play the role of interior designer, making sure their classrooms are set up to support learning. Teacher play vital role in overall development of students.
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