Adolescents, Television and the Internet

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    Adolescents, Television and the Internet

    How does exposure to the world of unbounded television and the Internet affect the world view and choices of adolescents living in a small island developing state? What TV programs and online activities do they like most and why? What do they dislike about their interface with these media? In this groundbreaking research, sociologist Veronica C. Evelyn explores TV and Internet usage among high school students in the Caribbean island of Barbados. Data obtained from focus group discussions and semi-structured questionnaires provide grounded evidence which is used to develop a profile of adolescent interface with TV and the Internet, and to examine the implications of adolescent exposure to the international and deviant subcultural communities via these media. The conceptual underpinning is sociocultural connectedness, a concept operationalized as awareness of, orientation towards, and participation in the local, international and deviant subcultural communities. TV and the Internet are understood as tools for investment in human capital and adolescents are conceptualized as the human capital resource base in this small island developing state.
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