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    Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Keri ( ) is a Hebrew term which literally means "happenstance", "frivolity" or "contrariness" and has come to mean " emission". The term is generally used in to refer specifically to the regulations and rituals concerning the emission of , whether by , or by sexual activity. By extension, a man is said to be a ba'al keri ( )("one who has had a seminal emission") after he has ejaculated without yet completing the associated ritual cleansing requirements. The biblical regulations of the specify that a man who had experienced an emission of semen would become , until the evening came and the man had washed himself in water; any clothes or bits of skin which the semen came into contact with would also become ritually impure, until they had been washed in water and the evening had come. The code adds that if the emission of semen occurred during sexual intercourse with a woman, then the woman would also become ritually impure, until the evening had come and she had washed herself in water.
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