Application of Nanoparticles as Tissue Scaffolds in Biomedicine

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    Application of Nanoparticles as Tissue Scaffolds in Biomedicine

    These are exciting times to be doing multi- disciplinary research, especially in biology and engineering. Marriage between cell biology and engineering produced an offspring, called tissue engineering. Tissue engineering is making rapid strides as scientists from a variety of disciplines continue to make remarkable contributions. Data from cell culture and animal studies have been encouraging; currently, efforts are underway to bioengineer organs in reactors that recapitulate native human conditions; and, that day is not far away, when, tissue transplantation will regenerate an organ or an organ, grown in a bioreactor, will replace another human organ. This treatise is written for people with some background in science. The aim of this monograph is to provide an introduction to the field. We also help navigate the reader through the numerous possibilities that have been thrust upon the horizons as amazing discoveries and burgeoning cutting-edge technologies appear to take us close to the day when an organ grown outside the body can replace one inside the body.
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