More than a sign on the fence?

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    More than a sign on the fence?

    Whole-school education for sustainability programs aim to enable teachers, students and their communities to take positive actions to address local sustainability issues. Research identifies there is a lack of research which evaluates the impacts and effects of these types of programs for students, teachers and communities. The research described in this book addresses this gap by investigating whether, as a consequence of participating in such a program, teachers are thinking and acting differently. The research involves ten teachers from three diverse schools in Far North Queensland, Australia, who are active participants of the Reef Guardian Schools Program, an action-based sustainability education program. Analysis revealed that all the participant teachers demonstrated changes in the way they do things and in the way they think in both, their professional and personal lives, as a consequence of participating in the Reef Guardian Schools Program. This book discusses how learning for the teachers unfolded together with unanticipated results that emerged from the data. This includes sense of place, sense of responsibility and awareness.
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