The Experience of Artmaking

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    The Experience of Artmaking

    This book came from a belief that an inquiry into the§creative §process would provide me a different perspective from§aesthetics, §which was familiar to me as an artist. The idea of§creativity is §shrouded in mystery. I have often wondered whether my§brain §functions in the same way when I am painting as when§I am solving §a mathematical problem. The purpose of this book is§to look into the §nature of creativity to better understand what it is§to be an artist. I §know that all of my senses are implicated in my art§making process. §Paintings come from deep inside and materialise§before me on the §surface of a canvas. Experience and time are visible§in the brush §marks. My creative process is phenomenological when I§consider the §things that I perceive while focusing on my senses. I§can decide §whether or not I am open to awareness of my organism§and as I §focus on my physical state, metaphors emerge. The§bridge that I §cross from inside to the outside of my body when§making art is not §the same as the bridge I cross when I speak and§write. I wrote this §book for artists, teachers and all who might be§interested in a §discussion of art making as qualitative research.
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