Perceptions On Traditional Male Circumcision

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    Perceptions On Traditional Male Circumcision

    Traditional circumcision is practiced culturally and religiously among many African communities in Kenya.It is away of transition from childhood to adulthood. This is the time the youths are taught more about the secrets of their communities including the Dos and Don ts. It has been discovered that, it has psychological, physical, moral and social effects on the initiates. It also has socioeconomic effects on the family of the initiates since it involves spending a lot of money. The communities that practice it derive a lot of joy in this practice, however due to the widespread of HIV and AIDS they are also aware that there are risks associated with it as a result of sharing one knife on more than one initiate. However they still want it to continue being practiced with precaution; the parents having their own knives that should be disposed after it has been used on the imitates. Medical circumcision is also being encouraged as a safe way of circumcising young people. circumcision is also being encouraged because the study has revealed that, it is away of reducing the spread of HIV and AIDS.
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