Studies on Some Endangered Endemic Angiosperms of Kashmir Himalaya

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    Studies on Some Endangered Endemic Angiosperms of Kashmir Himalaya

    The work highlights the causes of rarity of narrow endemic plant species occurring in extremely harsh habitats, the 'ecological island' and facing many bottlenecks in extending their ranges. A comprehensive review of literature about taxonomy of investigated species, endemism and factors contributing to endemism, demography in relation to reproductive biology and conservation of rare and threatened endemic plant species has been elegantly compiled and presented. The study is noteworthy in view of the comprehensive field studies, meticulously designed and well replicated experimental studies carried out on varied aspects such as; habitat characteristics, phenotypic variability, age structure, phenology, population density, herbivory, floral features, breeding behavior, receptivity, insect visitors, pollen ovule ratio, restoration trials and seed biology of existing populations of the target species. The results obtained after these elaborate studies have been suitably presented. The study holds promise in developing effective and implementable strategies for the conservation of endemic and threatened angiosperm species in Kashmir Himalaya.
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