Anatomy for Dental Medicine

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    Anatomy for Dental Medicine

    A visually-rich and clinically relevant anatomy resource for dental students Anatomy for Dental Medicine, Third Edition strikes an optimal balance between systemic and regional approaches to complex head and neck anatomy. Award-winning full-color illustrations, succinct text, summary tables, and questions put anatomical structures and knowledge into a practical context. Key Features NEW! Additional radiologic images and landmark features throughout NEW! Reorganized brain/nerve sections NEW! Expanded clinical question appendix including patient box questions in the style of the INBDE NEW! Factual question appendix places greater emphasis on areas including the skull, larynx, cross sectional anatomy, body below the neck, and local anesthesia Also included in this new edition: 1,200 clear and detailed full-color illustrations 150 tables for rapid access to key information Expanded captions detail key information and clinical correlations Appendix covering anatomy for local anesthesia Online images with "labels-on and labels-off" capability are ideal for review and self-testing This is an essential resource for dental students and residents that also provides a robust review for the boards or dissection courses. What users say about the Atlas of Anatomy: "...I am impressed with the 2nd edition of the atlas because it provides multiple, complimentary paths to learning head and neck anatomy." "...organization is in an effective sequence that walks the learner through the anatomy in a layered, step-wise manner." This book includes complimentary access to a digital copy on
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