Wo sind wir hier, Nathan Egel?

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    Wo sind wir hier, Nathan Egel?

    -First survey of a young talent's work -Large formats on fold-out boards -Figurative painting -First survey of a young talent's work -Large formats on fold-out boards -Figurative painting
    What connects a baroque repertoire of forms with contemporary art? Or the visual language of the Renaissance with today's aesthetics? The answer is a name: Nathan Egel. His works pursue a search for grace, beauty, and elegance as it explores stylistic elements and motifs of European painting history. Like collages, they combine to form energetic compositions in his large-format paintings. Wo sind wir hier, Nathan Egel? (Where are We Here, Nathan Egel?) not only demonstrates the witty contemporaneity of Egel's works, but also shows us where they were created. In his Blackforest Studio-formerly a laundromat-Egel works in a field in between ready mades and objets trouvés and stages his paintings in their own context. He creates impressive works that deliberately do not adhere to academic guidelines. This volume provides a first overview of Egel's multifaceted oeuvre. NATHAN EGEL (*1992, Müllheim, Baden) grew up as the seventh of eight children in a family influenced by art and music. His works have been shown at the Freiburg Concert House, the Artraum Gallery, and the KunstPalais Badenweiler.
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