Internet Uses and Gratification. An Evidence from Millenials in Hyderabad

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    Internet Uses and Gratification. An Evidence from Millenials in Hyderabad

    Research Paper (postgraduate) from the year 2019 in the subject Communications - Public Relations, Advertising, Marketing, Social Media, grade: A, Institute of Computers and Business Management -School of Business Excellence, language: English, abstract: Internet has become one of the essential parts of our lives that we cannot ignore. It is the worldwide network of computers that connects people across the whole world. Internet has more power over any other sources of information like TVs, radios, newspapers, etc. There are millions of networks, search engines, millions of computers and some billions of internet users out there. Internet is used for every minute of things and with the fast-growing technologies in the world, there is no doubt in saying that people get glues to their computer or phone screens and are having less relativity with the world in person as everything has become digital. Youth is being attracted to the negative content which is the main cause of cybercrimes and cyberbullying. Uses and gratification is an age-old theory of communication and research so this study includes the uses and gratification study for the internet media. The objectives of this study are to know the internet usage behavior among the millennials in Hyderabad. This study also helps to understand least and most used activity for which internet is used. The data is collected with the help of primary and secondary sources of data. The primary data is collected using a structured questionnaire with 5-point Likert scale to measure the variables, and the secondary data is collected using various internet sources. The collected data is further analyzed using the statistical tool i.e. Exploratory Factor Analysis with the help of IBM SPSS 20.0 software. This study is useful to know the internet usages among the youngsters in Hyderabad. From this study it is found that internet is mostly used for enhancement of creativity, Global exposure, Social relationships, Adaptability, Pastime, Stress relief, improve work efficiency, expression of opinion, job opportunities and improving ideology.
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