Food Safari: Earth, Fire, Water

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    Food Safari: Earth, Fire, Water

    170 recipes that take you on a trip around the world, highlighting age-old techniques and flavours
    Food Safari Elements invites you on a journey around the world to explore the cuisines and meet the local cooks of Asia, Europe, the Americas and the Middle East, who are all passionate advocates of cooking with the best natural produce. Discover the pleasures of baking, roasting, one-pot cooking, or frying Asian-style in a wok, with the people across the globe that know how to do it best.

    From the sweet to the savoury come recipes - drawn from the earth : vegetables that range from sweet potato, carrots and sugar snaps to the sour and bitter vegetables like radicchio and kale; cooking with fire : meats and fish smoked to perfection, slow cooked pulled pork, barbecued street foods like souvalaki, kebabs, skewers and the high octane tandoor; and lastly dive into the seafood bounty in water : hot and sour Vietnamese soups, jungle curry from east Asia, and jambalaya from southern America ... these are just some of the intense and inspirational flavours in Food Safari: Earth, Fire, Water .
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