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Verlag Schöningh Bindung Hardcover ISNB / EAN 9783506760364 von Hans Günter Heimbrock / Jörg Persch / Filip Ivanovic / Thor André Skrefsrud / Mika Vähäkangas / Peter Manley Scott / Ernst Marais Conradie / Kjetil Hafstad / Ulrich Duchrow / Jan-Olav Henriksen / Paul Leer-Salvesen / Tage Kurtén / Jon Skarpeid / Michael Northcott / Antje Jackelén


The volume gives thankful resonance to Prof. Sigurd Bergmann, Lund, on the occasion of his 65th birthday. With its 14 contributions it intends to honor Sigurd Bergmann for all his academic and personal efforts in the areas of critical thinking, responsible ethics and ingenious spirituality in service of the earth as protected habitat. The authors come from Sweden, Finland, Norway, Germany, Montenegro, the UK, South Africa, and Indonesia. The contributions cover a wide range of issues related to eco-theology, namely aesthetics, moral philosophy, theology, history of religion, philosophy of education, history of literature, political theory and economics.

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