Black GI Children in Post-World War II Europe

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    Black GI Children in Post-World War II Europe

    An Issue that was until recently taboo

    This volume addresses an issue that was until recently taboo: children fathered by Black American GIs who were stationed in Europe during and after World War II and whose mothers were local citizens. They were born into societies that defined themselves as White and rejected this extremely visible portion of the so-called occupation children, who originated from Black/White relationships.

    Black and White are in this volume not (only) understood as descriptions of skin color, but above all as social constructs and political categories with racist attributions and effects. Focusing on the United Kingdom, Germany, and Austria, the authors of the contributions examine the manner in which these mixed-race children and their mothers were treated by their societies and the respective authorities; they assess the experiences and self-understandings of the individuals affected; they discuss their institutionalization and the strategy practiced by the youth welfare agencies of giving these children up for adoption abroad; and finally they highlight how African American couples in the USA interpreted the adoption of these mixed-race children - often referred to as Brown Babies - from Europe as an act of Black resistance against White supremacy.

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