Celebrate Visibility - Transsexualität - Ein Coming-out

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    Celebrate Visibility - Transsexualität - Ein Coming-out

    During my outing as a transsexual person (female-to-male) in 2018, I experienced a moment of deep silence with my inner self. This was preceded by a lifelong yearning for a visible identity of the "right" gender, an identity which was only allowed to exist temporarily in niche groups.These niche groups were leather parties or special relationship constellations that had spatial and temporal limitations. So I became a longing seeker with many names: Robert, Demian ... Chris.But where was Thomas? Thomas, the name I held in my heart as a small child. The name that all my earthworms, trout and finally also my gray tabby cat Tommy carried! Thomas came to me as my life was at a low point. In great peace and quiet.The texts and pictures of this book invite the reader to take their time in a moment of silence to enter this written dialogue, which in the best case should result in a change of perspective; away from onomatopoeic definitions or superficial cliché images: A journey through European cities and countries of a somewhat different kind.
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