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    VOCAL Adventures

    "During her creative career, Lauren Newton has explored multiple musical dimensions with a strong focus on improvisation, concomitantly searching out and developing myriad vocal techniques. In Vocal Adventures she takes the reader on a journey into her experience that is at once an introduction to deep listening, a series of master classes on voice (from consciousness of breath to the mysteries of multiphonics), and an account of both the social and spiritual dimensions that are engaged in a complete artistic practice. Remarkably, she also does this in a way that is inviting, lucid and eminently practical."Stuart Broomer, author of Time and Anthony Braxton "Vocal Adventures by the grand master of improvising with the voice is finally here! The significance of Lauren Newton's work as an artist, educator and author cannot be overstated: She is one of the creators and trailblazers of the art that moves in sound, space, spirit and song. Well worth the wait, this book offers everything and more to all those interested in vocal experimenting and exploring could wish for." Susanne Abbuehl, singer, composer, educator"These Vocal Adventures chart a decades-long exploration of soundscapes - ones produced by the outside world but most prominently those created through free improvisation in music. The expedition into this realm of musical experience and expression has taken the author across oceans and continents, with diverse musical encounters providing invaluable sources of inspiration and a wealth of learning and teaching opportunities while enriching her own ideas and approaches along the way. This book aspires to guide others (not only singers) interested in exploring the many facets of free musical improvisation in terms of technique, practice and (solo and group) performance as well as to offer up her own reflections on its essence, its affinity to the human imagination and the multitude of soundscapes it is capable of evoking." Susan Nurmi, literary scholar, educator, translator
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