If I Tell

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    If I Tell

    'An incredible read, impossible to put down' ANDREA MARA

    'Utterly immersive and brilliantly told' IRISH INDEPENDENT

    A girl covered in blood. Her missing stepfather. Two detectives racing against time.

    Laura is her team's top interviewer, an expert at finding the 'in' with victims that helps crack the case.

    Niamh is her straight-talking partner who is noticing cracks in her mentor's careful facade.

    Jenny is the 14-year-old assault victim found bloody and confused on a suburban street. They need answers, and fast. But Jenny seems terrified to tell them the truth.

    And as the pair try to reach her, Laura begins to lose herself in memories of her own shattering trauma, leading to a mistake that could have fatal consequences . . .

    First published as THE INTERVIEW

    'Thrilling and utterly compulsive' LIZ NUGENT

    'Propulsive' RTÉ GUIDE

    'An incredible read, impossible to put down. Gill Perdue is a fresh, assured new voice' ANDREA MARA

    'Daringly dark and packs a huge emotional punch - an exceptional crime debut that lingers in the memory long after the last page' CATHERINE RYAN HOWARD

    'Great, great, great - I am giving it a lot of love...read this one!' RYAN TUBRIDY

    'Incredible storytelling' ARLENE HUNT

    Terrific . . . a powerful blend of police procedural, fantasy and domestic noir' IRISH TIMES

    'Haunting and hypnotic' PATRICIA GIBNEY

    'An intense, emotional and utterly compelling narrative' JAKE ARNOTT

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    Penguin Books UK
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