A Short History of the Tudors

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    A Short History of the Tudors

    A concise and accessible introduction to the Tudors written in a balanced and lively prose.
    Combining an expertise on the Tudor dynasty with an authoritative understanding of its religious and political make-up, A Short History of the Tudors provides a fresh and accessible perspective of one of the most formative periods of British history.Rex considers the ways in which the Tudors shaped the beginnings of modern England through the momentous break with Rome in a comprehensive yet balanced way. Close attention is also paid to the dismantling of the baronial system and centralisation of secular power, as well as an exploration of the break with Rome, the two pillars on which the author's argument will rest.The book is organised chronologically and divided up into time periods, making it the ultimate companion for anyone keen to delve into the history of Britain's most notorious dynasty.The famous and infamous key players in the Tudor age have long endured in text books and are, brought to life here by Rex. Lively portraits of John Fisher, Thomas Moore and Thomas Wolsey and Mary Queen of Scots are painted, as well as the lesser-known players like the flamboyant Robert Devereux. A leading authority on the Tudors and British religious history, Richard Rex brings to life a dynasty which continues to engages and fascinate readers.
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