Poetry Translation Criticism: Akhavan Sales' Ideology and Thoughts

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    Poetry Translation Criticism: Akhavan Sales' Ideology and Thoughts

    Western literature and European cultural studies, specially British and American literature play an undeniable role in the universal and international literature; while Persian literature, Eastern countries and Oriental Cultural Studies have many speakable words toward the world. Most of the Persian poets and writers are full of literary talents in comparison to their contemporary poets, writers and playwrights. They suffer from lack of translations of their works into the foreign languages especially into the international languages like: English or France in sequence of the times. The purpose of this study is to seek in "Translation Criticism of Akhavan Sales' Selected Poetry Translated in English Based on Farahzad's model". The translation of Persian literary texts is important at this time, because numerous people in the world, speak English language and globalization takes place. The corpus of this study narrowed down to the Akhavan Sales' selected poetry. Akhavan Sales is one of the most famous contemporary Persian poets and the "Nima Yushij's literary school" followers.
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