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    Yang Gongren

    Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Yang Gongren (died 639), formal name Yang Guan but went by the courtesy name of Gongren, formally Duke Xiao of Guan, was an official and general during the Chinese dynasties Sui Dynasty and Tang Dynasty, at one point serving as a chancellor during Tang. Late in the reign of Emperor Wen (some time between 601 and 604), Yang Gongren became the governor of Gan Province. It was said that he had a good grasp on general governance and intentionally refused to dwell on details, and that in doing so comforted the non-Han residents of the province. It was said that Emperor Wen told his father Yang Xiong, "Gongren governs the province well. It is not only that I selected the right person, but because you have taught him in the ways of righteousness." Early in the reign of Emperor Wen''s son Emperor Yang, Yang Gongren was the assistant minister of civil service matters. When the general Yang Xuangan rebelled in 613, Yang Gongren was one of the generals Emperor Yang sent against Yang Xuangan, and he participated in destroying Yang Xuangan. He received great praise from both Emperor Yang and Su Wei.
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