Gender, HIV and AIDS

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    Gender, HIV and AIDS

    Internationally, education is recognized as a basic human right. All children of schooling age should have access to free quality education devoid of gender disparities. The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) drawn from the UN General Assembly Resolution A/56/326 in September 2001 affirmed the need for poverty alleviation and elimination of gender inequalities in education systems. Nevertheless the advent of HIV and AIDS appear to have brought in a new dimension and puzzle to the education of the girl-child because in spite of the Millennium goals, school dropout is still a common phenomenon, which frustrates the developing nations in their effort to attain access to basic education for all. In the most unequal regions of the planet, poverty has the face of a girl child and low enrolment figures are tilted more towards girls at primary school level. This study thus looked at gender, HIV and AIDS and the accompanying challenges. It is a must read to all those with interest in equality, equity, gender, HIV and AIDS related challenges.
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