Academic Leadership

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    Academic Leadership

    ACADEMIC means Intellectual or Scholarly. LEADERSHIP is all about Learning, Excelling, Accommodating, Developing, Evolving, Realizing, Sustaining, Honing, Innovating, and Pursuing. Hence, I believe and profess that academic leadership is not the same as any other leadership. Academic leaders exercise their leadership within settings that have markedly different institutional purposes, cultures and expectations than the organizations in which business leaders typically exercise their leadership. But, leadership, as defined, is not situational. The styles of effective academic leadership are diverse and not tightly patterned. Moreover, globalization has affected all sectors and more prominently education; hence the need to understand Academic Leadership from Global Perspective. This monograph is an humble attempt to facilitate that understanding. After a brief Introduction, Theory and Practice, Need for Academic Leadership, Changing Dynamics of Academics, and Strategic Approach to Academic Leadership, Effective Institutional Budgeting, Academic Leadership and Globalization are discussed. In addition, Academic Leadership Case Studies, Few Thoughts and References are also provided.
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