Participative Decision Making (PDM) In Higher Education

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    Participative Decision Making (PDM) In Higher Education

    This book is predicated upon the practice of participative decision making (PDM) in higher education institutions, following the appeal made by the former president of South Africa, Dr Nelson R Mandela, to the vice chancellors and principals of higher education institutions to transformation consistent with the values and goals of democracy. This became a significant point which inspired the author to write this book.The author presents the reader with a well researched response as he covers such issues as the conceptual models and practices of PDM at Universities in Africa and abroad. The author further shares why participative decision making, depending on the leadership styles of managers, is an effective management or administrative tool. The book further covers results of investigations into the practice of PDM at the higher education institutions referred to above."Participative Decision Making In Higher Education" details a simple, profound and fresh approach to leading and managing others in a consensual manner. The book will be of interest to both management students and specialists at all levels.
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