Advanced Media and Communication

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    Advanced Media and Communication

    The Advance Media and Communication is a very important subject mater to know every one run their life smooth fully. Throughout history, human beings have tried to improve and share their ability to receive as well as to send information. Starting with the simplest vocal and gestural signals rooted in their physical structure humans have developed a whole range of signs and symbols to exchange information.By using symbolic systems we were able to classify, abstract, analyze, synthesize and speculate. The history of mass media begins with the printed book. Printing made multiplication of copies possible. Hence knowledge which was the exclusive preserve of a select few, was made available to the commoner. The concept of making impression with seal, or using a rolling-pin-like device was an old one. Further, The ways in which printing can multiply copies may be considered into three categories; Printing without presses, printing with hand press and printing with machines. In present world, the new media and communication is need to every one in the life. Hence, this book will be a bank of information on the subject of media and communication.
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