Improving achievement in mathematics through collaborative learning

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    Improving achievement in mathematics through collaborative learning

    mathematics statements may look like the questions below: What is the sum of 236 and 169? 8982 - 2658 = _____________________ 1/2 + 23/5 - 7/9 = _________________ If f(x) = x^2 -4x, what is 0dy/dx? When a doctor's prescription is 2 3, how many tablets are taken and at what interval? A the distance covered by a particle is defined by s = t^2 + 3t -14. What is its velocity at t = 2 seconds? What is a half of an eighth? Determine the landing velocity of an athlete who intend to clear the water jump without touching the water in steeplechase competition. Be it in words or symbols, mathematics might look like a collections of abstract statements. However, Mathematics statements are written using numeral in a set of symbols that make a sentence as well as word problems. Collaborative learning activities provide a plat form making mathematics practical and realistic. Games, puzzles among other creative involvements make mathematics interesting and meaningful. good day..
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