The vocabulary of the Polish and English language of science

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    The vocabulary of the Polish and English language of science

    The constantly rising level of knowledge of modern man is inextricably linked with the need to master an ever-expanding range of scientific terminology. The main reason for the increased interest in this subject area in recent years has been the continuous advancement of technology-related domains, which, in turn, directly affects the process of teaching in higher education institutions. Regrettably, despite the shift of attention, scientific terminology is still largely neglected, if not ignored, as evidenced by the current state of thereotical knowledge in the linguistic field. Hence, the book aims to describe the vocabulary typical of the Polish and English language of science, which, due to its highly dynamic and universal nature, is used with considerable effect in various branches of knowledge. An attempt is also made to examine the various strategies and learning techniques used by students of English at university level, with the aim of ascertaining the differences between general service and specialized vocabulary acquisition. Given the above, the present work should be of great interest to anyone from within and outside the scientific community.
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