Development of Pelvic Protection Textiles for Soldiers

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    Development of Pelvic Protection Textiles for Soldiers

    The highest threat soldiers are facing on today's missions is caused by the effects of Improvised Explosive Devices (IED). Especially the pelvic region is frequently affected. A very private but crucial topic has led to reconsider the current groin protection and develop an adequate alternative. The multidimensional effect parameters of an IED explosion are analyzed and correlated with resulting traumata. Three protective zones are defined with regards to the required protection levels. Theoretical perspectives and findings are transferred into the development of an innovative pelvic protective design concept. The two product based system provides protection against IED based fragmentation while offering the full range of physiological comfort properties. Complex analysis and evaluation of the wide spectrum of individual textile characteristics lead to the development of a high resistant textile structure providing properties addressing the soldier's comfort requirements and safety. The textile builds the basis for the multifunctional pelvic protection system. The thesis compiles conceptual and scientific fundamentals creating an innovative step forward for soldier's protection.
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