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    PSILAB No. 1

    Presented in this little book are 2 parts, a more theoretically based first one with some theory papers and a second part with the empirical results of the very first PSILAB-questionnaire. The little theoretically articles are for example about PSI (as the umbrella term), biophotons and chaostheory. In the empirical part the PSILAB-questionnaire was including several UFO-Items and a lot of additional items, asking for life habits, socio-demographic issues, religious tendencies, general attitude towards aggressive behavior and other. The sample with finally N=439 is basically from newsgroup readers and to about 1/3 of congress visitors. So this sample is a highly selective sample consisting of people being highly interested in topics as extraperceptional and other extraordinary phenomena and can?t be considered to be representative for the whole population. The data acquisition was from end of 1998 to the end of 2002. §Additionally the 2. PSILAB ? questionnaire was analyzed, a german astrology-questionnaire and therefore written in german. The empirical works comprise the titles ?An attempt to assess and explain frequencies of UFO-sightnings and believe in UFO-abductions, ?Incidences for a collective unconsciousness??, ?ESP and Religion?, ?Effects and relations of meditation onto living style and attitudes? and ?Astrologie-PSILAB-Fragebogen-Auswertung?, that are the results from the 2. PSILAB-questionnaire. §Presented are some significant results, that some certain life habits and holistic world views are enhancing the number of spontaneous telepathy and other PSI experiences and the belief in the existence of UFOs. Furtheron presented are the only little differing frequencies in the occurrence of PSI (umbrella term) from persons preferring the different main religions. §The astrology-questionnaire analysis shows some few weak statistical significancies about effects, correlations, associations from planet positions and other astrological variables of the zodiac.
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