Translation Quality Assessment of Hedayat's Blind Owl

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    Translation Quality Assessment of Hedayat's Blind Owl

    Why the quality of translation is important? Is translation only the replacement of words, phrases and sentences literally? Or must convey all the meaning, delicate points and concepts of the original text? Translation criticism or assessment is an essential component in translation course. The evaluation and comparison of the translated works reveal criteria about the process of translation and its quality. Thus this book tries to put this quality into question. The novel The Blind Owl and its two translations provided the subject matter of this study. In this book, the translation quality assessment is based on two separate assessments. The first assessment is based on the Juliane House translation quality assessment model. The second assessment is based on the analysis done by five raters. The results reveal the more proper translation. And it presents the features of a good translation. Even this study tries to analyze the House model itself. Thus it could present the pros and cons of this model and suggest new features for this model.
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