Social Studies Classroom Experience

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    Social Studies Classroom Experience

    This small-scale action research project explores the possibilities and challenges involved in facilitating social studies teachers in understanding and teaching for citizenship.To conduct this study, I worked collaboratively with two secondary social studies teachers by studying the existing perceptions and practices for the teaching for citizenship. Subsequently, an action research plan was prepared to facilitate understanding and practice for citizenship. The data were collected through classroom observations, semi-structured interviews, and the researches journal. The data analysis was an on-going process, whereby after each action, data was reflected and analyzed upon for further action.The data from the study illustrates some possibilities that facilitate the teachers understanding and practice for teaching for citizenship. The possibilities that have been mentioned here are: the supportive and open learning environments for teachers to learn, providing opportunities for students to make decisions in the classroom such as in setting the test timetables, electing their classroom monitor and working cooperation.
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